From one pick-up truck to now owning multiple dump trucks North Point Junkers is now serving all of Forsyth Co. and its surrounding areas.  Text us your pictures of your “junk” and we will send you an instant quote!

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Junk Removal Services

North Point Junkers is an award-winning commercial and residential, fully licensed and insured junk removal company.

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North Point junk removal

about us

Just over a year ago, Michael Santana became fascinated by the growth and development  being made in his home town of Cumming, Ga. With all this new growth happening around  town, a light bulb went off in his head to start a business. He knew he wanted to help his  community and support his family. So with a pick-up truck and Michael’s determination and  focus to be his own boss North Point Junkers was created.  

After watching a couple of documentaries on Netflix, it’s important to North Point Junkers  and to our community that we are keeping our landfills to a minimum. So we have a  designated warehouse where we can sort and properly dispose of or recycle “junk” that  doesn’t have to be tossed into the landfills. North Point Junkers helps you care for and  give back to your community. Through donations of furniture, clothing, books and toys,  many shelter and relief groups can provide for those in need.

North Point Junkers crew members are made of one-of-a-kind guys who have extended  backgrounds in mechanics, trucking, heavy equipment operations, and general handyman  experience. We are “Master Solvers”, junk hauling is about logistics and problem solving –  not just taking out the trash.